There has to be something radically wrong with those who are influenced by marxism. NO ONE with a brain could believe this is the right way to go. It has been a disaster every time it has been tried.And it Cannot. Co exist with christianity. Iǹ other word choose between evil and God! It should be an easy choice. God or satan! We must stand strong against tyranny and pray, pray ,pray!


How it our lives

I am so glad that I know God is real, and that He lives in my soul! It amazes me that so many with degrees from colleges don’t know the truth about my Jesus.someone has said thatno one is born an atheist,you have to go to college to learn that. And it does seem that many so called ,educated, folks are too wise to accept Him. How very sad! Jesus is the most important. Teaching they could  ever know! We are getting closer every day to the rapture of the church, and I pray they will see the truth before it is too late! Pray, pray,pray!

I do not understand! I know there is a lot illness, but it seems to me that our churches should be full every Sunday! Our  country is in bad shape and growing worse each day. Shouldn’t we be banding together and worshipping, and  praying to a Holy God to help us? The closer we come to the rapture of the church the closer we need to be to our Lord. We are in for some troubling times and we need each other Let’s get together and pray His Glory down! Come on and pray, pray, pray!

It is hard to believe that there are people who deny the existence of God. I want go pity them but I find it difficult to feel compassion for anyone that dumb! Does anyone really believe there is no God?I can not accept such idiocy? No way can we look around us and not know He is real. Just look at the human body! A body that can heal itself! And what a trash compactor! No matter how much we eat ,the body reduces it to approx seven ounces of waste. And you think that just happens? Takes more faith to believe that than the truth of God’S WORD. God is so good and He allows us to question but the answer is very simple! One word GOD?!

Goody, goody, tomorrow we get to meet and worship with the family of God! What a blessing! What a joy .Tomorrow we celebrate 100 years of service to our Lord! Looking forward  to another 100 years! God is so good .It is such a joy to know Him.If you don’t know Him come and we will introduce you! We must pray, pray, pray.