You know, people risked their lives to travel to our shores in.order to build a country where we could worship freely.are we in danger of losing that freedom? If so, what will we do about it? Are we poking to God for answers?He has the answers.LET US PRAY!!!  AMEN AND AMEN!!!


We are fearfully and wonderfully made! Yet we are always making ourselves less than God wants us to be.only thru Him  can we accomplish heavenly goals.God is our EVERYTHING. HE will bring us thru dark days.there’s no doubt dark days are ahead.,but GOD is light.And In’ the end, He will banish the dark. Join us for worship tomorrow.


Know what? I can’t  apologize for the color of my skin. Cause God made me like this and He does not make mistakes! So, I am perfect just as I am, and if He had made me purple or green, I would still be perfect ! Satan is spreading  lies,as usual,and only idiots will listen to Him. God has created a wonderful world and His highest creation is mankind.we need to live for Him ,HE will take care of us!HE is worthy! Amen!

How can I ever deserve God’s blessings, How can I deserve Jesus? The answer is, I cant!  Yet, He  died for me! Many have given their lives for others,but only Jesus can save a lost soul! His is the only blood that can wash away our sin! Such love is beyond our understanding!

One  would think at !y age I would have learned o be perfect for God. Not so ! I keep having to ask for forgiveness. But God is A forgiving God, and its A good thing! He is worthy, but we are not, but one day we will be like Him! Now, that is something to look forward to. I am looking  forward to Heaven! What about you?

Okay, I don’t get it. How come some people always know the right thing  to do and say? And then there are people like me ,who always say .and do the wrong thing. Never mind that I heart is in the right place, it seems idiocy just pops out. God gave us one mouth and two ears. That should tell us something.y 

Another great day of worship!! A wonderful Bible lesson,our hearts were blessed with a message in ,song by Bro .Jerry and Linda, then a message from God’s word by our Pastor, who is truly  a Blessed man of God, with a very real relationship with His creator. We are so blessed to have Him as pastor.

Of course I will not sleep in when I could be worshipping with my family. I simply cannot do that. Not because of duty, or fear of getting  zapped by God, but because that is where I really want to be. I would be so miserable if I stayed home. Because  I love Jesus, I also love the church for which He died, I love His word  and I love His family. Please come and let us show you the joy of serving with Him. He is worthy!!!,

You know, maybe I just will sleep in Sunday. You know I am an old women, in a lot of pain. I feel sure God would understanf. And these folks who work, surely it’s  okay to sleep in . They surely need their rest. God will underrstand.          Won’t He?       Oh, yes ,God understands perfectly!       Do you understand?